Saturday, February 26, 2011

Personalization Made Easy

Everyone wants to connect with others of like interest. The most effective of all business relationships comes from exactly that...a relationship. In the business world, we tend to rely on not only those we have heard good things about, but those who make a first real impression on us.

We look for something within the connection that is lasting and familiar. We yearn to actually locate others out there who feel the same we do about our vision and passion.

The best way to do this is to allow personalization into your connection. This means taking a real interest in the person you are considering collaborating with. There is no stronger bond than one built on real "shared" personal accounts. As we build relationships, we build internal visual memories. We associate the receiver with those visual memory connections and form a lasting bond with each and every new exposure.

That's the technical layout. Here's a more informal layout. Take a complete interest in the new human soul before you and watch the relationship bloom. Approach this connection for a real sincere desire to learn more about this person and you will receive more riches than you could possibly imagine.

We are challenged on a daily basis in this world as it more often tends to be driven by the mighty dollar instead of the most precious gift we all carry in the human soul. Touch the soul and the dollars will arrive as a by-product. Chase the treasures and you lose not only the point, but the organic intrinsic moment between you.

My wish is to connect with those who really want to know and understand me. If you are one of those souls, then I'm all ears.....

Ken Allan Phillips
Skype: kenatra721

P.S. Send the code above in a correspondence to me so I know I've found a new sincere contact!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Got Personalization?

Working from Home & Making Money Online is about personalization!

This Blog is dedicated to those out there still swimming through the network marketing abyss. Through this blog, we will journey our way to the key word that makes all the difference in your success.... Personalization. Join me on this Journey!!!

How many times have you shared the following experience?

You come across the "Very Best" affiliate marketing system out there and just can't pass it up. You jump on board with the excitement of a 7 year old heading through the gates of "Disney Land". You land running as you set up all your details and jump all the hoops so you can begin to promote the ever-so-famous affiliate link....and then it hits...exactly what is the key ingredient that is going to get others to feel the way I do about this.

So begins your journey of trial and error only to find that usually the company who created the program has provided you with fluff....basic marketing tools and strategies reflective of the last and just about every other opportunity you have taken on...

So, you resign to plug away and do the same old thing you have been follow their tutorials and you sign up for the hottest social networking site and begin reaching as wide as you can to as many people as you can with the hopes that someone of like-mind will trip over your tiny little presence and be desperate enough to take a chance on a total stranger (you) for their future as a network marketer....sound familiar?

And the story goes on and on and on....

During your daily journey, you happen upon someone who just pops up from the social sites instant message chat service and you strike up a conversation because your new prospect discovers that you both have a passion for "network marketing". You both pitch each other on your one-of-a-kind services and both join each others services out of respect for the field. You both want to work from home and make money online, so this seems to be the only answer. Even though you both know you probably won't really work the new service you joined.

Many of you out there will snicker as you walk down memory lane with me on this scenario. That is door #1, now let's take an alternate trip through door #2 which is new territory for many....

A few hours later, you jump on Skype & come across another prospect's profile that stands out to you which drives you to click on their link. You don't really know why, you just know you are intrigued. Your prospects site makes you feel at home and like you are already a friend to them. You take the "leap of faith" to make contact knowing they probably won't reply to your "Skype Chat" since they don't have a clue who you your shock, they reply immediately with an upbeat and confident tone. You immediately jump into your speech about your product and how wonderful it really is. Your prospect listens intently and with equal enthusiasm replies with "That sounds really cool, thanks for educating me on who is your favorite "Scooby-Doo" character?

So begins your first lesson on personalization.

You laugh out loud [LOL] and you begin to relax and open up and share more with this complete stranger than you have with some of your actual family members. By the end of your conversation, you are pretty much ready to follow your Skype prospect anywhere, so you join their opportunity and don't even bother to mention yours again....

"Wait a minute, what just happened?" you ask yourself, as you are finishing your sign-up through their link without even really knowing why..."I really enjoyed their connection and I am confident that they will be able to steer me in the right direction" you say to yourself and finish copying your new affiliate link.

You immediately post your link on Twitter and Face book right into your wall and jump in feet first with the 3 bits of affiliate program knowledge you acquired from your Skype prospect ( who is now suddenly your up line), and begin the pounce on anyone who replies to your IM or DM or comment, etc. You repeat this process for 30 more minutes only to settle with "no one is really interested in this affiliate product either"....

You are about to give up, when your Skype prospect / Upline Sponsor pops in with another Skype message inviting you into a 3-way chat. You join the chat as your sponsor tells you about their brand new contact named Bill who is on the chat. Your sponsor gives Bill the floor as he launches into his opportunity and how powerful and wonderful it is. Your sponsor takes a beat and hands you the ball saying "what are your thoughts on what Bill just shared?" think long and hard about it. Suddenly a light bulb goes off and reply with "Wow Bill that sounds like a very valuable service, however, let me ask you something...."who is your favorite Scooby-Doo Character?"

It is in that moment that your online marketing life changes forever. You suddenly realize that you have found the missing ingredient....personalization.

As you progress through this new found reality, you begin to have a sense of comfort in how natural it feels to re-visit the basics of life: to truly and simply just take an interest in the other human being on the other side of the computer. You take to heart this new understanding and you conduct your future business with a refreshing perspective that finally brings you results...a solid down line born from human understanding and truth. In the end, that's really what we are all looking for out of business; a lasting sincere and profitable connection where helping others results in helping yourself.


This Blog is dedicated to those of you who resonate with this common occurrence. Both doorways are equally valuable as we learn not only from mistakes but from inspirational moments that help to shape who we are.

Throughout this Blog my mission is to continually remind you of the importance of personalization. I will forever point out the need for this consistently missing ingredient.

The key to having a successful online business lies in the level of personalization you bring to the table. The future of online marketing depends on the majestic qualities we naturally possess; honor, integrity, truth, passion and compassion. Bring your "self" to any business contact and watch the connection not only strengthen, but magically form a bond that can't be broken.

In my newly created system, "The Simple Plan", I coin the phrase (and stress the importance of locating your handful) of "Business Soul Mates" [BSM's]. I do this because I realize that there is no stronger connection out there than one born of genuine common understanding. Discover a team of individuals who know you sincerely care about their future, prove it through your actions and efforts on their behalf, and you will have earned yourself a successful path to your deserved fortunes. Money is merely a welcomed by-product....

Each post I add to this Blog, will challenge each and every person I touch! I promise you, if you are pursing your online marketing venture with anything less, you are paving yourself a path for a mediocre future...hence, the term "continue with what you are doing and you will get more of the same". However, that goes both ways....there is great comfort in knowing that if you choose to lead the way by positive example, you will only get more success! Join me on this journey as we explore the world of Personalization.....

I welcome your thoughts and comments and I am happy to connect with those who are sincere about making a difference in the success of online marketing and affiliate ownership!

For anyone interested in joining me on this journey and earning a serious income, please view the video, then click the link below for details....

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