Saturday, February 26, 2011

Personalization Made Easy

Everyone wants to connect with others of like interest. The most effective of all business relationships comes from exactly that...a relationship. In the business world, we tend to rely on not only those we have heard good things about, but those who make a first real impression on us.

We look for something within the connection that is lasting and familiar. We yearn to actually locate others out there who feel the same we do about our vision and passion.

The best way to do this is to allow personalization into your connection. This means taking a real interest in the person you are considering collaborating with. There is no stronger bond than one built on real "shared" personal accounts. As we build relationships, we build internal visual memories. We associate the receiver with those visual memory connections and form a lasting bond with each and every new exposure.

That's the technical layout. Here's a more informal layout. Take a complete interest in the new human soul before you and watch the relationship bloom. Approach this connection for a real sincere desire to learn more about this person and you will receive more riches than you could possibly imagine.

We are challenged on a daily basis in this world as it more often tends to be driven by the mighty dollar instead of the most precious gift we all carry in the human soul. Touch the soul and the dollars will arrive as a by-product. Chase the treasures and you lose not only the point, but the organic intrinsic moment between you.

My wish is to connect with those who really want to know and understand me. If you are one of those souls, then I'm all ears.....

Ken Allan Phillips
Skype: kenatra721

P.S. Send the code above in a correspondence to me so I know I've found a new sincere contact!

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